How can I keep on top of my network security infrastructure?



Having your finger on the pulse of your entire network always is a great advantage.


Keeping all your devices monitored and up to date is certainly necessary but an extremely resource intensive and time-consuming task. Not only this but each of these systems is a potential target for hackers if left unmaintained.



Today, even in most small and medium sized businesses we find many systems and devices working together to make networks run smoothly. It’s not unusual to see these systems made of various cloud-based systems, on-site servers, Intrusion detection / intrusion prevention systems, Firewalls and Content filters, Routers, Wi-Fi Access-points, VPN concentrators as well as users working on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Also add to this the fact that today, more and more staff are working remotely on these devices.

This is an example of where “less is more” is applicable. The less available surfaces for attack, the better for the success of your business.

The right IT solutions can affect employee satisfaction, security and save you costs in the long run. Cisco’s Meraki brings all the above-mentioned stand-alone appliances and devices into one extremely intuitive device. Now you can effectively manage and secure your entire business network and security infrastructure from one location.

Cisco’s world class devices are trusted in a wide range of industries globally and bring a lot to the table for success of your business:

With Cisco Meraki you get all of this (and a whole lot more)

  • Cloud-based management gives you 24/7 monitoring and control of your network, from anywhere on the planet
  • Monitor and control User network permissions and access
  • Give staff a secure and consistent access experience, whether working from home or at the office.
  • Multi-site visibility and control from a single dashboard
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Self-configuring site to site VPN
  • Traffic acceleration. Internet browsing optimisation with web caching
  • Traffic acceleration. Internet browsing optimisation with web caching
  • Increase or decrease available network bandwidth as required per business department.
  • Set user-based bandwidth shaping rules
  • Block access by inappropriate or unsupported applications
  • All connected devices are easily monitored – and “sanitised” if necessary, before allowed onto your Network
  • Comprehensive network reporting allows problem network areas to be quickly assessed – resulting in less downtime, and a more effective network.
  • Bandwidth usage order of Priority. Application aware Quality of Service for higher throughput of business essential applications. This allows you to throttle, block, or prioritize specific application traffic.
  • Assign individual users’ layer 3-7 firewall rules
  • Application firewall; content filtering matching over 1Billion URLs; antivirus / antimalware filtering; Google safe search
  • Intrusion detection

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