Cloud hosted services. What is this and why do I need to know about it?


Azure AD
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Only a few years ago you would hear remarks like, “Should we move our business into the Cloud” being bantered around offices. “The Cloud” was more of a buzz word than an actual reality for most businesses….


Today, Microsoft confirm that almost 450 million users access their cloud platforms daily!



This is the digital infrastructure that allows your employees to sign in and access resources held securely off-site in Datacentres. Manage your staff log-on credentials, file access, and security and compliance controls across your entire IT environment.

It can either act as an organisation’s only directory, or it can sync with an on-premises Active Directory server via Azure AD Connect. Either way, it enables both on-site and off-site users to access the same resources, simultaneously benefitting from all the features that an on-site Active Directory server provides.

What advantages do Cloud Hosted Services bring to your business?

  • There is no need for capital layout for a brand-new physical server.
  • Save space on your business premises as well as the additional resources required for secure storage of a physical server.
  • Save on your power bill and associated insurance costs.
  • Eliminating the risk associated with your on-site Server being destroyed in a disaster, theft, or riots.
  • Companies gain additional computing resources in mere minutes if the need arises Servers are provisioned with just a few mouse clicks. This gives businesses huge flexibility for growth (and instant downsizing should the need arise).
  • Services are billed using the Pay-as-you-go model. This means, if you don’t work after hours or over the weekend, we can simply arrange for your servers to be turned off automatically on schedule so that you don’t get billed for time you don’t need them.
  • Security and Reliabilityis what Cloud based infrastructure bring to your business.

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