Add an Addition layer of security!


Cyber Security 

Staff Training

In addition to using a Firewall and strong Anti-Virus program, your next best proactive measure to keep your company data free from infection and breaches is making sure that Staff are Security aware.



  • FACTWhen it comes to Data Security, untrained staff members are by far the single biggest reason for data breaches and network infections in businesses around the world! Just one simple click on an email link, attachment, or website by just one employee could lead to a catastrophic data breach. Unfortunately, untrained Staff are mostly unaware of basic IT Security measures that, if done, could easily harden your network enough to deter any would-be attackers.
  • PEACE OF MINDLet us run an onsite training session with staff members to give your business a strong and effective first line of defence against a potential cyber-attack.

Instantly eliminate common attacks



Because your data protection and integrity is such a critical part of your business,

here 3 proactive tips to instantly eliminate common attack vectors in your business.

  • UPGRADE OR REPLACE OLD PCsAs need has necessitated, new PCs are built with updated security hardware mechanisms that are designed to keep your data safe from modern day threats. (PCs manufactured in 2016 or later should meet the minimum requirements)
  • UPDATE OR UPGRADE PCs TO THE NEWEST OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWAREPC’s still Running on Windows XP, Windows 7 or and Windows 8 should be considered a risk on your network. Mainstream support has ended for these operating systems. All PCs should at least be running Windows10, and preferably, the latest versions in order to get the best available security updates.
  • UPDATE ALL THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE APPS TO THEIR LATEST VERSIONSExample: Microsoft Office. If your business is using outdated software because it’s not being updating regularly, then your business systems are at higher risk of being affected by malware.
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