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Most people do not realise what a huge risk it is for their business to run Outdated, Unlicensed or Cracked software until it’s too late and an attack or a data breach happens.


As the time-tested saying goes, “Penny wise, Pound foolish”. One may save money now by hanging onto old and outdated hardware or using cracked or obsolete software but be assured that the end cost of a data breach or virus will far out-way the savings of not keeping your infrastructure updated and secure enough.


Our job is to assist your business in the rehabilitation process to get you back up to recognised industry standards.

We’ll do an initial site survey and infrastructure audit to get a good understanding of your IT environment so as assist you fast and effectively when your need arises.

After completing a thorough initial site audit of software and hardware infrastructure, we’ll advise you of any areas which pose potential risks as well as supply strategic remediation to reduce or eliminate these risks, in order of highest priority.

We’ll partner with you throughout this process until your IT environment reflects acceptable best practices for the industry.

This ensures peace of mind and ultimately reduces your IT expenditure by having an IT environment running smoothly and efficiently.