What are the benefits of using MS365 as your Business Office software provider?


Microsoft 365

In the past, one could purchase a stand-alone version of Office – One very expensive outright purchase!

The reason we say “in the past” is that this “once-off purchase” sales model for Office is rapidly being done away with by millions of businesses around the world and is being replaced by Microsoft’s new subscription-based model, and for good reason!

As our Information Age sees positive technological and software advancements grow at an alarming rate, the downside is that the same applies to “the bad guys” out there. This is where the problem lies with the “Stand Alone” or “Once-off purchase” version of Office.

The “Stand-Alone” version will not be continuously patched for vulnerabilities as time goes on. Once the Stand-alone version of Office reaches the end of its life cycle, it cannot be upgraded to a newer version of Office and unfortunately, it then simply becomes an available target for hackers to exploit in order and infiltrate your network.



Microsoft’s popular MS365 has solved this problem by allowing subscribers to stay secure continuously by keeping them up to date with the latest patches and features.

The other obvious plus to using MS365 is that there is no big initial purchase required, which is great for growing businesses.

What else does MS365 bring to your business

besides eliminating up-front costs and keeping your Office securely up to date?

  • Package optionsA variety of scalable packages to suit your business needs as and when they may change.
  • Licensing flexibilityMicrosoft bills on a per-user, per month basis. This provides a predictable cost allocation and helps budget your IT Spend for the following year. You can add or remove licenses instantly so no license wastage can occur on billing.
  • OneDriveBack-up user’s desktop and documents folders using OneDrive. In the event of hard drive failure or theft, all the user’s documents and desktop files will be easily recoverable thereby eliminating excessive downtime and loss of productivity for your business.
  • SharePointSharePoint replaces the need for an on-site File Server. It is completely cloud-based, meaning you can access and share your company files from any location and on any device. You no longer need to be tied down to your physical office to access your documents. This is a great feature to use in our current day and age as remote staff can now stay just as productive as office-based staff.
  • EmailGone are the days of using unsecure POP3 email (made popular in the 1980’s!) or the limited functionality that IMAP email accounts offer. With an MS Exchange mail account, you can sync tasks, contacts, and calendars with co-workers, and view them from any device.
  • TeamsVideo Conferencing, screen sharing, Chat function, Full Telephony, Audio Conferencing (users can join the Teams meeting on their mobile phone network, without internet data), and more…
  • Companywide security featuresGet access to an almost endless list of Security functionality with MS365. Set up Multifactor Authentication to keep your company data safe from thieves. Access Remote Wipe on stolen devices to protect your valuable data. Use Email Encryption - this gives access only to the intended recipient of confidential emails
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Cloud hosted services. What is this and why do I need to know about it?


Azure AD
& Cloud services

Only a few years ago you would hear remarks like, “Should we move our business into the Cloud” being bantered around offices. “The Cloud” was more of a buzz word than an actual reality for most businesses….


Today, Microsoft confirm that almost 450 million users access their cloud platforms daily!



This is the digital infrastructure that allows your employees to sign in and access resources held securely off-site in Datacentres. Manage your staff log-on credentials, file access, and security and compliance controls across your entire IT environment.

It can either act as an organisation’s only directory, or it can sync with an on-premises Active Directory server via Azure AD Connect. Either way, it enables both on-site and off-site users to access the same resources, simultaneously benefitting from all the features that an on-site Active Directory server provides.

What advantages do Cloud Hosted Services bring to your business?

  • There is no need for capital layout for a brand-new physical server.
  • Save space on your business premises as well as the additional resources required for secure storage of a physical server.
  • Save on your power bill and associated insurance costs.
  • Eliminating the risk associated with your on-site Server being destroyed in a disaster, theft, or riots.
  • Companies gain additional computing resources in mere minutes if the need arises Servers are provisioned with just a few mouse clicks. This gives businesses huge flexibility for growth (and instant downsizing should the need arise).
  • Services are billed using the Pay-as-you-go model. This means, if you don’t work after hours or over the weekend, we can simply arrange for your servers to be turned off automatically on schedule so that you don’t get billed for time you don’t need them.
  • Security and Reliabilityis what Cloud based infrastructure bring to your business.
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